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Three things for those very few that read my journal,

1. Sorry for such a big gap in posts.
2. This might contain some major spoilers, but I will try my best to not do ones that give away the endings.  (even though they are predictable.
3. Pulled pork Nachos are awesome!

Last night I took advantage of a beautiful evening and went to a drive in.  And I was surprised at what movies they were showing, How to train your dragon 2 and X-men Days of future past.
Two brand new releases.  Now first off, there are a few do not dos right off the bat.  
1. Do not see those movies at a drive in.  Drive ins are better for classic movies.  Those two have moments where a very dark room is needed just to see some of the stuff that is happening.  Last night was full moon, which made enough light to effect the movie quality.  
2. Make sure who you are traveling with can actually enjoy the movies.  
3. Pulled Pork Nachos as a movie snack is awesome!

Now onto the movies.....  They are... eh...

Dragons was visually stunning even on a drive in screen.  The acting was good, though a bit too much soft talking, and a bit too much talking for my liking.  The plot was a bit muddled.  Oddly paced and a bit rushed at the end.  The villain is pretty good, though he is another one of those where his reputation should be well known or shared but is not till it becomes relevant to the plot.  I mean as big of a deal as he is supposed to be, and they appeared to have known about him for a long time, ya figured they would have all heard stories.  Alot of stuff goes unexplained, but a few things finally make are fleshed out from the first movie.  As far as carry over, the movie does a good job from the first movie and the tv series.  However, there are a few things that dont mesh.  And the biggest one (heh, realized this is gonna be a pun) is that in the first movie, Stowick (I think that is how the name is spelled) gives Hiccup a helmet made from half of the breast plate of his mom's armor and calls them a matching set because he has the other half as his own helmet. (even though they look nothing alike) Now the issue is (and this is where the pun comes in) that from the size of the helmets you would assume that his mom was a big strapping viking woman... and yet when ya see her... she is a stick!  And (spoiler alert!) ya find out she was not even a fighter... so I dout she had armor.....  
I give the movie a 7 out of ten.  Good but not great, stick with the first one, but this would make for a good double feature movie night set when it comes out on DVD.

X-men.... oh boy... ya...  Don't go into this one unprepared.... Cause they use spotty continuity from most of the movies from the previous six!  It mostly fallows the first three, first class (which clashed with the first three big time) and maybe just a tiny bit from Origins... and from the Wolverine movie... but I am not sure cause I did not see that one... Like I said, be prepared.  Anway, they pull some stuff right out of there butts and jumble things up, so this might be best to be seen a few times just to get it all in.  Giving Kitty Pride the ability to send a mind back in the past is.... (shudders) Some things get explained after a bit, so if you get super confused, just keep watching and ya might get unconfused later.  The robots were ok looking given the time they were made  (I refused to call them the proper name)  There are alot little one liners or token comedic scenes so keep your eyes and ears open.  Quicksilver is in this movie and is awesome, just saying... Not in it long... but with the personality and as OP as they make him, it is for the best, so enjoy his scenes when ya get em.  I give the movie a... well... lets just say it is ok... I need to see it a few more times to take it all in myself before I can really rate it.

Ooo and dont bother staying for the end credits scene.  You can consider this a spoiler, but I dont feel it hurts anything.  
After the long.... long....LOOOOOOOOOOOONG credits role, all you get is a teaser for the next movie. (if it gets made)  It is just Apocalypse (the model from the 2000s cartoon series) building a pyramid in the past getting cheered by his people.  Not wort the wait, you are welcome ^^.

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